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10 x 10 Challenge Raises $18,500

The 10×10 Challenge is an annual campaign with the goal of having as many people as possible donate $10 each by October 10. This year nearly 2,000 people took the Challenge, raising over $18,500 and still counting! Each donation, no matter what the amount, helps to make possible important library programs that highlight literacy, technology and the arts as a pathway to lifelong learning and success. Your support is especially appreciated because it demonstrates that you understand and care about the importance of the free public library and the invaluable role it plays in the well-being of our community. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this year’s 10×10 Challenge a wonderful success. Click Here.

Honor with Books = Unique Gift

Honor with Books is a special Friends program whereby your donation purchases a book in honor of someone special. Whether a memorial or in honor of a special anniversary, whether for a birthday or to say congratulations, Honor with Books is that one unique gift that fits every occasion. You can even decide which book you want, which author, and which branch you want the book in, and we will put a personal bookplate inside. Click Here