Published on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

A New Beginning

In addition to our elected officials, and our many library advocates, we want to thank the entire library staff for being the important champions of literacy, culture and 21st century technology that they are. They are the ones who, years ago, were in the forefront of making computers and the Internet available for free. They conduct computer classes. They bring cultural exhibits from other countries. They work on literacy skills with people of all ages. Moving forward, we can all rest assured that new and exciting innovative changes will come when placed in the hands of these talented people and the many partnerships that have been created during a very challenging time. The library will evolve and continue to be one of the great cornerstones of democracy. A $54 million budget does not restore many of the services that were lost during the four years of reductions but certainly it is the first step toward building the invaluable library of the future.