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Friends’ 13th Annual Book Sale reaches $60,000

Once again the Friends’ Annual 4-day Book Sale was a fabulous success, raising $60,000! This is even more than last year and should bring this year’s book sales to about $90,000 when you include the sales at the Friends’ booth at the Book Fair and their online sales.

But the sales are not all about the money. Getting so many donated books back out into the community is a significant measure of what makes this campaign so important. And after many years of hard work, the Friends Book Sale has finally become an annual event that the entire community looks forward to. It is a huge public relations vehicle for the Friends and the library.

The best part is watching the smiles on the faces of our customers, staff and especially our dedicated volunteers who work all year long to make this incredible event happen and who, thankfully, are able to see the fruits of their labor through the many kind remarks they hear about the library during the sale.

There are so many people who help to make this amazing annual event work. Thank you all!

See you next year!


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